Questioning dominant design and investigating the world we live in, we create valuable concepts based on real needs and unconventional insights. These needs and insights are being translated into objects, focussing on experience and manifestation, rather than on functionality. Along the way, limited editions emerge, offering valuable objects through exclusive previews and regular drops.

Our first and second editions are Fusion BLACK and Fusion YELLOW.

Fusion doesn’t merely provide a functional place to store books, but as well and more importantly incorporates the act of reading in one’s daily life.

Fusion BLACK PVR 001/2019 5+2


 Fusion YELLOW PVR 002/2019



Screenshot 2019-05-23 at 11.45.48.png

Width: 220 cm / 86,61 inch

Depth: 120 cm / 47,24 inch

Height: 60 cm / 23,62 inch

Credits to Casimir Ateliers and Cover & Couch

Price on request


High Quality Multiplex: Meranti

Black tape


Premium quality European oak: FDC certified, natural oiled finish

Upholstering fabric: Kvadrat Vidar 3 - natural fibers, sustainable resources, 94% new wool, 6% nylon, design Raf Simons

Upholstering leather: Stolz Kansas - Happy South German cows, CFK free

Foam: CFK free